Battery Monitor

Battery Monitor 6.9

Desktop widget that shows the current battery state

Battery Monitor is a simple and neat Windows desktop gadget that provides you a straightforward and yet reliable solution to keep an eye on the level and status of your computer's battery. It works with laptops and notebooks alike – as long as there's a battery involved, this nice little tool will be able to accurately monitor it.

It's a tiny desktop gadget that can be used with ease by anyone and it offers a really convenient and unobtrusive manner of keeping an eye on the battery. Anyway, the fact that it's just a lightweight widget doesn't mean that it lacks options and functions. On the contrary, it's quite packed with plenty of cool additional features and settings. For example, while the small main window displays only a meter bar with percent level, battery status, remaining time, charge rate and current charge, it is also fully customizable. The graphs, the colors, the sizes and pretty much all elements of the interface can be changed to your liking. Battery Monitor also offers you the possibility to set sound notifications to alert you when critical battery levels are reached, as well as when the battery is fully loaded.

To sum it all up, Battery Monitor is a really nice and handy desktop gadget that offers an effective and comfortable manner of tracking the parameters of the battery in real-time. Best of all, it's also free.

Margie Smeer
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  • Highly customizable
  • Free
  • Features sound notifications


  • Can be a bit tricky and difficult to install, considering it comes as an archive that contains a .gadget file
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